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Beltane : CREATE

Happy Beltane!
This full moon marks Lunar Beltane- another point in the turing of the seasons, which is the midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. A celebration of richness and fullness; symbolizes the joining of the masculine-feminine, full consciousness-unconsciousness, and the active-receptive energies inside us and around us. Marking this a time of Celebration, Creativity, and CONCEPTION: All being driven by our First (sexuality) and Second (creativity) Charkas.

Blooming: Earth Day

It has been an amazing Spring here in the Philadelphia area; warm days and cool nights — Perfect Magnolia blooming weather. Can I tell you that I love Magnolias and will take any opportunity to stand under their blooming canopy.

A few days ago I was out walking, and I found a new area that had blooming Magnolia trees (Whites and Pinks). Then there was the mother of all the Magnolia (or at least the oldest one I had ever seen). She was huge, ancient, and magnificent.

Flower Covering: Create 4.18.15

Our first Spring New Moon (in the northern hemisphere). An Aries moon by its nature of action and growth is a catalyst for revealing.

What have you been tending for growth?
What is getting pulled up towards the light?
What is still under the covering* of Winter leaves?
What is about to pop up from the depths of your unconsciousness?

Do you feel those questions stirring in your belly?  Your heart?  In your energy fields around you?

Full to Dark to Light: Create 4.4.15

Two weeks ago during the Magical Trinity, what did you notice shifted  in your bodymindspirit during that Super New Moon-Solar Eclipse-Spring Equinox time? Take a moment and look at what you created during that time. Allow your body remember those vibrations of color shape sound and form that arose during that magical celestial time.

This full moon we will experience another eclipse a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses have a way of leading us from the dark passage of the past to new directions.

Christina Pratt interviews me on Why Shamanism Now?


Painting the Landscape of Your Soul with Damini Celebre aired March 24, 2015
Introduction by Christina Pratt: Pablo Picasso said  "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." The practice of art allows our soul's to talk to us, to be clear, and to illuminate the path of our soul's true purpose.

Magical Trinity: Create 3.20.15

This year has been filled with extraordinary astrological events- super new moons, super full moons, squares and blue moons. It's crazy!
And the next few days is no expectation. Starting today we will experience a Super New Moon + Solar Eclipse AND Vernal Equinox.  The effects of  this magical trinity, you will feel for about a  month, maybe longer.

Super New Moon.
The New (dark) moon's path comes closest to the Earth. A time when,  I believe, the Moon has a stronger influence on your emotions.

New Mexico Workshops


Be Playful— Allow for Healing—Find Yourself

Greetings creative ones.

There are only a few precious spots left in my May workshops in New Mexico, tell a friend!

This is a perfect opportunity to return to magical New Mexico or visit for the first time.

Three workshops to fill you up — let you Shine


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