Meet Your Creative Spirit!

Imagine you have a super power.


This super power awakens and enlivens you, opens your imagination, and gives you a wider perspective on life. You actually do have a super power, that was in full bloom when you were a child. Creativity is your super power. Remember how your imagination ran free — and you were open to all possibilities? For some of us, this super power gets tucked away — just like our favorite stuffed animal from childhood — as if it’s frivolous and non-essential.


At times, we get busy and stressed, and go on auto-pilot — life becomes rote. Stress causes us to shut down our senses, so that our focus narrows on just the essentials — shelter, food and clothing. We lose our larger perspective and forget the pleasures in life that give us happiness — passions, hobbies, and love. Sometimes, we even lose our ability to dream.


Creativity — our super power— is essential for living, just like breathing. Breath expands our lungs and fills up our bodies with inspiration. Creativity inspires us, too. When we are being creative, we expand our vision, come from our heart, and create the vibrant life we desire.

Want to learn to reconnect with your Creativity? To Be Creative?



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