Going on Retreat 3 of 3

In a retreat, you are also part of an extraordinary community.

A community that holds and helps you travel to places that you can’t go to on your own. A group that doesn’t judge you, or expect you stay exactly where you are.  In a consciously held community, you can travel inward to your pure heart expression, sore to new heights and depths, become expanded and open, go inward, or be filled with joy.  BeShiny - BeYou!

This community that holds you in love. 
Love for exactly where you are at this moment. Holding you all your present moment stuff and all the potential gifts of who you are.
All so you can explore then invite all of your BodyMindSpirtSoul the opportunity to transform.

Paining the Landscape of Your Soul retreat is Jan 18- 21 in PA- Wanna Join in? click here>