Going on Retreat 1 of 3

Painting at home has its benefits; You can work at your pace- for a few minutes or hours at a time, and walk away when you feel complete

But, sometimes you can walk away because you bump into something that is asking you to go deeper. Often this something is so subtle that you don’t even register it as anything important, and you walk away,  for the day, for a week, or longer.   I have been there, I understand.

Retreats give you time.
Time to be with your thoughts, feelings, and heart. And to be in a community of like-minded folks that are craving the same. Retreats hold a space that is a profound and powerful time for transformation.  It hard to put words to the experience without sounding trite. 
But I'll try…
Fun- Scary- Shit- Really- I love me- No way- NO- Oh YES!- Ohh- That's why- That's ME!- Hilarious- Delirious- I know that feeling- Wide open heart- Blissed out- Pissed off- Changed- Unfolding- Folding- Hiding-Shiny- Truly me- Intense- Childlike- Connected- Untangling- Knotted up-Empowered- Not alone- ME time- I AM- full- Content- Delighted- Grounded- Supported- Loved.


Painting the Landscape of Your Soul retreat is January 18- 21 in PA - Wanna Join in? click here>