I considered myself a loaner. Not that I want to be alone all the time, I do like to be part of a pod and honestly I wouldn't mind like having a fellow pod member to lean into once in a while.

I was out on the ocean yesterday, paddling. It was one of those magical days with the sky and ocean were the same color. When the reflection of the clouds dances on the surface of the ocean, easily disorienting me to up-down.  If it weren't for gravity, I really wouldn't know where I was in the universe, at that moment.

As I paddled, I sang to the ocean, to The Web Of Life, it is Solstice, after all. A lone dolphin came up to my right about fifty feet away (normally Dolphins run in groups,pods).  I opened my heart in greeting and when it surfaced next it was within ten feet of me. We held eye contact- creating a palpable heart-to-heart connection. Then it was gone. That connection plugged me into my pod, the universe, and The Web Of Life. 

Ten minutes later a pod of three, a family, surfaced near me; with every surface they came closer to me until they were within five feet of my board. For about an hour, we were together. I sang to them, and they stayed in pace with me. They invited me into their pod. I know them now (by their fins): one is curved, one notched, the other has a white spot. The pod.

 An hour and a half later, I was paddling back, and that family surfaced next to me. Hello.

Today, Summer Solstice, I leave you with this story as a reminder that we ALL connected to The Web Of Life. We just have to open our hearts to feel it.

Blessings to you all.