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Prayers for healing the Planet


During the summer I had a dream, where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole on a hilly open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.

Since the Summer, I have been working on creating clay seed pods to be installed on the Earth. Each pod will contain a prayer for the Earth. The pods are made of local clay and the prayers are handwritten on paper. They will dissolve into the earth over the seasons. I am going to place the seed pods on the ground before December 1st, near Valley Forge Park in Pennsylvania.


I found my first dead Cicadas today

Some of you may not know these insects that herald Late summer in, here on the East coast.
Cicadas bury themselves in the ground for cycles of one year to several years. Then emerged from the darkness to sing and mate.

In the Five Element system of acupuncture, there are five seasons or five moments of Life: Summer (Fire), Late Summer (Earth), Autumn (Metal), Winter (Water) and Spring (Wood).  When the loud rhythmic trance-like song of the Cicadas start— you know, you are in Late Summer.

What is a hashtag (#)



What is a hashtag (#)

Here is how I like to think of a hashtag #
The entire internet is filled with stories and pictures. A #tag is a virtual label is attached to that story or photo. You add the hashtag to the text bottom of the story or with a photo so it gets that tag associated with that label.

Now here is the very cool part. If you type in or copy and paste, any #tag in your search engine, you will get a web page filled with anything associated that label.




I received a grow-your-own Japanese Maple Bonsai tree from my niece during the Winter holidays. I nurtured the seeds all Winter; first by keeping them in the cold-dark of my refrigerator.  Then in a dark area in my apartment.  Last week, after about five months, I brought the seed-soil pot out into the sun and after a week of 80 plus degrees days, I have a seedling!

It's just a tree

The predawn hours are magical times between day and night, the real and invisible. The twixt and between of time and space. And a great time to be with my love, Magnolia.


The other day I went to visit Magnolia. During our time apart there was a frost, so I was anxious to see how she faired. My first glimpse of her was not vibrant pink and purples but brown with frozen blooms dry and stiff on her branches.



Grey Whale is constantley inviting me to be gentle and compassionate with myself.

Allowing my heart's migratory call to pull me along (although my mind had other ideas). 

All my “plans” are get getting re-routed. I have no choice but to surrender to the deep dive.



Join June's workshop I co-created with Grey Whale called Whale-ness 


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