Intuitive painting invites my all knowing creative muse to show me what I need to explore, via color shape and form.  Kind of like- a call and response with myself for self growth and sheer joy.

Over the years of doing intuitive painting I’ve noticed that there are reoccurring shapes and colors- a personal visual mythology,  that comes forth as my intuitive self speaks to me. Often similar images will show up as I continue to explore and heal an aspect of me.


We take for granted the spontaneous magical things that happen all the time around us.
Magic, for me, is showing up in the form of Hummingbird this summer. A month ago I was tapped on the forehead by Hummingbird, who might have confused the smell of my jasmine tea and my flower headband as a food. Or it was a tap on my third eye from the Divine to pay attention.

Hummingbird also comes to my balcony, and some time when I am very still it will come to about 6 inches of my head. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. More it’s the Web of Life reminding me of the magic all around us.

Dear Deer

I was sitting in a long line of traffic a few weeks back and ten feet off to my drivers side window was a dead young pregnant deer, mixed in with branches and soda bottles.
Her eyes were wide open!
I Cried-- Cried for the loss of these beautiful beings. Cried for the LOVE that filled me.

This painting is what is on my wall. I am waiting for the next brushstroke, the next creative breath, the next time grace fills me.

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