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Placing a Prayer Pod with Song 8.2018


Placing a Prayer Pod with Song at Green Cathedral, Camp Little Notch, Fort Anne, NY

When we gather as community, our intention becomes stronger. This pod contains 27 prayers for the Earth.

Gather your community, make some pods, add preyers- wishes- intentions— help heal the Earth



Walking Ceremony

Prayers to put in your pods



If you are called to make their own PrayerPods and place them in your community. Please consider including some of these prayers into your pods and together we can spread a wider web of healing.

Oh and if you are a social media type, please share your images and the idea that Earth needs our love and prayers. It is a great way create a common intention of healing for the Planet and All Beings.


Healing Prayers for the Earth: Ceremony 12.21-12.28, 2017


As the cold weather deepens here on the East coast, and the light returns one minute each day, the Pods start to lose form and the prayers, from all around the world, merge more and more with the Elements.

I am often reminded by Spirit, that the path of least resistance — the path of the Heart, is the path of ease and flow is worth following.  The making of the clay pods, the joy, the effortlessness I felt when I was moulding the clay and the "inspiration" to ask for prayers for the Earth from all around the plant, has been easeful.

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