intutive painting

Head shot

I have been the queen of selfies long before mobile camera phones; I would balance my big SLR camera at arms-length and snap away.  Over the years have become well versed in the dialogue of self and camera.

Then a few weeks back a photographer in the area was offering a special on headshots. A headshot to me has an iconic look— cropped from the shoulders up with the standard light halo behind the head.  You know the look. I thought I need one of those. (You know, to look more professional, etc. HA!)

Gazing at Stars


I wonder if Whales turned on their side in the inky blackness of night to gaze at the stars? 
I was sitting at the edge of the lagoon in the middle of the night listening to the whales breathing. The Stars above me were extraordinary.  I have read that Whales navigate their epic migration at night by the Stars, So the question came to me— Do they look at the stars at night here at the lagoon, just as I am. Are we aligning with our timeless and ancient selfs when we do?

Going on Retreat 2 of 3

Going on retreat brings back your sanity and your vitality.

A retreat takes you out of your day-to-day and allows you to devote time to You and Your heart's journey. When you step out of the craziness of your life in a retreat, you make a commitment come back to the truth and stillness of you.  Blocking out a time without any projections or expectations— a time to meet Yourself and Your heart.

Christina Pratt interviews me on Why Shamanism Now?


Painting the Landscape of Your Soul with Damini Celebre aired March 24, 2015
Introduction by Christina Pratt: Pablo Picasso said  "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." The practice of art allows our soul's to talk to us, to be clear, and to illuminate the path of our soul's true purpose.

Painting in the Subtle Energy Fields

How is being creative healing?

Creative healing starts in the heart. Moves out into your energy pathways Chakras and meridians; up to bones, muscles and joints, where you move, shift, re-orients these new healing vibrations. Moves further out; changing your body-brain-muscle memory patterns. Even further our to your subtle body layers— auric fields. Finally realigning the new You between Heaven and Earth.

In this video, the participate’s intuitive creative muse leads her to paint just this…

Intuition… inner wisdom…

Intuition is part of our sixth sense — our inner wisdom that we experience via our senses: clairsentience (feeling/ touching), clairaudience (hearing/listening), clairalience (smelling), claircognizance (knowing).
You use your intuition every day when you make choices that feel right to you. I’ll use the word feel to include all of the ways you sense something. When you are faced with two choices and one feels better to you, that is your intuition communicating with you. Your intuition is not a mental/mind choice but an instinctual body/gut/feeling.

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