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Snow Drop


In 2016, while at an artist in residency at OCHO art center in NM, I explore working with a press.

Although I thought I would spend my time painting in the wide open desert; I fell in love with making collagraph prints with Plants.

Since then, I have been saving up for a baby etching press which finally came this week!

I've been home with a cold all weekend, but I had a few hours of feeling perky and made my first test print of a Snowdrop.



All I can do is offer Love

157 days into my Drawing A Day project

Here are the drawings a day from the last four days. 

    •    Feeling the pull of Heavenly Bodies.(TR)
    •    Healing for the Planet : human, critter, plant, water, air, soil... all of us. (TL)
    •    Love Mantra... all I can offer today is LOVE. 108 x10 prayers for love. (BL)


It has been a bit over two weeks that I have been at OCHO as the artist in residence, in the wilds of Questa NM.  I have fallen in love with the press; doing Mono printing mostly.  At first, I was drawn to printing with Plants (DayStars) in a field of indigo.  The Indigo started to remind me of first Japanese prints, then Cyanotypes and then SunPrints, which I played with when I was in art school.


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