Prayer Pods

A ceremony for healing the Earth

Change :: the first two months

The one thing that is always constant on any healing journey is Change

Here is a time-lapse of the first two month of the cermony.

Solstice :: PrayerPod Ceremony.

On Dec 21st 2017, in ceremony, I placed the 108 PrayerPods on the Land, in the Western Burbs of Philadelphia—Berwyn PA with the intention to send healing prayers to Momma Earth: more>link in profile

Would you like to add a prayer? If so message me you prayer.❤️

Sharing Prayers for Earth healing


If you are called to make their own PrayerPods and place them in your community. Please consider including some of these prayers into your pods and together we can spread a wider web of healing.

Oh and if you are a social media type, please share your images and the idea that Earth needs our love and prayers. It is a great way create a common intention of healing for the Planet and All Beings.


Share a prayer. Send a prayer. Let's seed love for the Earth all over the world.

PrayerPod 12.24 to 1.1.2018

As the cold weather deepens here on the East coast, and the light returns one minute each day, the Pods start to lose form. The prayers inside the pods that are from all around the world begin to merge more and more with the Elements. I am often reminded by Spirit, that the path of ease and flow is the path of the Heart. Ease, flow and joy have been present with this project from the start; from moulding the clay to asking for prayers for the Earth— I asked. Prayers came. I am a follow-the-flow kinda person. I rarely premeditate anything. An idea arises, and I follow it.

PrayerPods : request for prayers

Spirit speaks to each of us differently: in rich metaphors that we experience in a journey, sometimes with a flash of clarity and knowing in our waking day, and sometimes in dream state.  During the summer I had a dream, where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole on a hilly open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.


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