Healing and Creativity

Protect Your Precious Self!


 Layla is a good-natured person, and a good friend. She’s also a feel-everything person. She can’t watch the news, because every sad story and tragic event affects her so deeply.

When Layla goes into the city, her Overwhelm Meter is off the charts. She feels pummeled by all the sights and sounds and smells in the city – it’s just too much for her overly sensitive nervous system. Even worse, she feels vulnerable, as if she’ll get mugged or trapped in some unsavory situation.

Fullness:: Two Perspectives from the Synergy Sisters


FULLNESS :: Two Perspectives

Damini Celebre:
Most of us know the symbol that represents
YinYang. This Taoist symbol represents the
constant shifting of light to dark, of full to empty -
the ebb and flow of life. For example, when we get
too dense, we will naturally start to shift towards
lightness. When we get too full, we can burst or
choose to let go of stuff.

Earth Healing installation


This past February, I was invited  to Elephant Butte, NM for an Artist-in- Residency program.  I went with the intention to do ‘something different.’ And different showed up! I created site-specific installations that expressed the energy of the place.

About a month ago, I had a dream where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole in a hilly open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.



June 21st is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun reaches its zenith. During this time, we rise to celebrate all the joy, Passion, and zest for life that Summer brings.

Throughout the seasons of the year, you have grown just like Nature. You have incubated, broken through, and sprouted. Now you are blooming — at the height of your heart’s joy.


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