Protect Your Precious Self!


Layla is a good-natured person, and a good friend. She’s also a feel-everything person. She can’t watch the news, because every sad story and tragic event affects her so deeply.

When Layla goes into the city, her Overwhelm Meter is off the charts. She feels pummeled by all the sights and sounds and smells in the city — it’s just too much for her overly sensitive nervous system. Even worse, she feels vulnerable, as if she’ll get mugged or trapped in some unsavory situation.


Because of how sensitive she is, Layla keeps her world contained to her small neighborhood, even though she’d love to visit the art museum or go to dinner at one of the city’s highly rated new restaurants.


Do you want to learn how to be less vulnerable to outside forces?
To Be Protected?


Like all of us who are empathic, you can learn to shield yourself — from an emotional and energetic perspective. Learning to protect yourself will help diminish your Overwhelm Meter, so that outside forces don’t rattle your system. When you are more protected, it is easier to live life on your own terms.



Are you empathic? Do you feel everything? Would you like to reduce your Overwhelm Meter, to be less vulnerable to outside forces?

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