Be Fully You!

 We’ve all known people who can be described as “energy vampires.”

They suck the energy out of everyone around them! An energy vampire could be a family member, a friend, a complete stranger — or even you. Why people become energy vampires varies, but mostly it is because they need something —  like love, support, energy, and/or to reconnect with their fun-loving selves. They often create constant drama, complain endlessly, or bombard us with never-ending demands, so we may find ourselves feeling exhausted from being with them. Our goodwill has been used as fuel for their relentless hunger for attention — draining our precious time and energy.  

Want to learn what you can do about people who drain you, so you can Be Fully You?


Learn how to be keep your energy clear and stop giving away your vital life force.
Join us in the next ExtraOrdinary You! workshop, and learn to understand, explore and manage your vitality, energy and power!


✨Next online workshop will start on March 5th, 2018✨