Seeing with Your Heart!

I grew up on the ocean, in a family of fisher-people. In a nautical family, we are always aware of the moon’s cycles, because they govern the tides. As far back as I can remember, I was taught to trust and to rely on signs from Nature.


Last year, I was camping on the eastern edge of Yosemite National Park, in the Sierra Mountains. One gorgeous sunny day, I decided to put down the jasmine tea that I was sipping, and meditate. My request: to be more open-hearted and aware.


I closed my eyes, opened my heart and made my request. Almost instantly, I felt a sensation like a nail being tapped into that fleshy space between my eyes. My eyes popped open. I found myself staring eye to eye with a Hummingbird — who seemed as stunned as I was. It hovered, and gazed at me with a perplexed look.


At the same time, I recognized Oh! That wasn't a nail; it was a hummingbird tapping me with its beak — and the hummingbird realized Oh! That wasn't a flower; it was a human wearing a pink flowery headband! We seemed to silently acknowledge each other with an invisible nod. I went back to meditating, and the hummingbird flew away.


After our shared moment of shock and surprise passed, I felt like I had received a blessing. I sat there in awe and wonderment, knowing that I wasn’t alone. That Nature, The Web of Life, had immediately met my prayer to be more open-hearted and aware. And that Nature had a sense of humor, literally tapping my third eye — known as our seat of awareness — with a quizzical hummingbird’s beak.



Do you want to learn to Be More Open-hearted? To see with your heart? Do you want to connect more deeply with Nature?

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