Trust Your Gut

Women’s Intuition. Throughout history, in tribal cultures and in spiritual traditions, women have been seen as the keepers of intuition.

Is intuition limited to being only a feminine trait?
Although Intuition is often thought of as being primarily a feminine trait, we all use our intuition — men and women alike. Think of the (male and female) business leaders who rely on their gut instincts when an instant decision is required. Think of (male and female) parents who instinctively know, for no apparent reason, that something is terribly wrong with their child.

How does intuition work?
We first notice our emotions in our belly, which is commonly called our "gut instinct." In other words, we first feel input — our emotions and the energies that surround us — as sensations in our bodies. After this information registers in our belly, it then travels up to our brain. Our brain organizes, categorizes, and then gives a name to our experience.


Here are two common examples of intuition in action:
Say you are walking down the street, in a hurry to get to an appointment. You spot a shortcut through an alleyway that will shave 5 minutes off your time. Yet every cell in your body is tingling with a sense of foreboding that seems to scream Don’t Go There! Seconds later, you consciously register Unsafe! and recognize your sensation as fear. Then you see a sketchy figure in a trench coat – but it’s the hottest day of the summer. Your intuition informed you first, then your mind followed with logical details a few seconds later.

Another everyday, less harrowing example of intuition is the simple act of choosing what to wear for the day. You pick out one outfit — but your shoulders droop, and you feel heavy. You are drawn to another outfit — and you suddenly feel enlivened. That’s an everyday example of your intuition prodding you to make a better choice for you.


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