Put Your Feet on the Ground!

One day, Sophia, who is normally fun-loving, poised and very together, came over – disheveled, with tears in her eyes. “I look old! No matter how many types of eye creams I try, I can’t cover up these awful bags under my eyes!” She went on to explain that she had stepped off a curb, distracted, and sprained her ankle. Then, while getting something out of the refrigerator to eat, she bumped her head on the freezer door that she had accidentally left open. “What is wrong with me?!!?” She dabbed a tissue at the fresh round of tears that welled up in her eyes. “I am just beside myself!”

Frankly, she didn’t look old at all – she looked like her fabulous self – except that her clothes were unusually wrinkled, and her eyes were big as saucers. You could have toppled her over with a feather. Innately, she knew what was happening – that’s why she cried out “I am just beside myself!” She had simply become ungrounded. To Sophia, being ungrounded felt like she was coming unglued.

What does it mean to be ungrounded? How do you to learn to Be Grounded?

We’ve all experienced times when we are ungrounded. We act spacey, we feel scattered and unable to focus our thoughts and words, and we are easily overwhelmed by even the simplest of life’s demands. Sometimes, we are so distracted that we become accident-prone.

I shared a few easy exercises with Sophia, so she could reconnect with, and feel her body, which helped her regain her ground. With a sigh of relief, she announced, “I feel like myself again!” She looked in the mirror and exclaimed “I even look like me again! I don’t look old!” When we talked about how she had come in ungrounded and uncentered but now was grounded and centered once more, she laughed and reasoned “Well, no wonder all those eye creams didn’t work!”

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