We are celebrating a Birthday!

Woo Hoo - We are celebrating a Birthday!

This month, Painting the Landscape of Your Soul turns 3 years old. Join me in the celebrations.

On early morning in September of 2012, I was doing my Shamanic daily practice. While I was sitting quietly, I held this question in my heart: What gift can I share with the world?

I saw a bright magenta book fall open into my lap. As the book flipped, I saw headers called Creative Arts, Shamanism, Healing Arts...It was colorful and energized.Then I saw the title Painting the Landscape of Your Soul: a journey of self discovery.

I thought Ohhhhhh. Then I thought There is no way I can write a book. But the vision niggled at me —and as I shared my story with friends, people started to offer help and guidance, for instance, both Sandra Ingerman and Aviva Gold wrote forwards!

In November of 2014 Painting the Landscape of Your Soul was released through BrushHeart press and this year it turns 3! Stay tune for some celebratory goodies to be announced.

No artistic skill is required!     Beginners are encouraged to join.

Check out a this sample of PLOS > download here