Spring :: sold

I'm always a bit sad when I sell a cherub, (painting).


This one, Spring, was the first one co-created with Land.  I had stopped creating for a few years, and I remember that day clearly when I went out to meet Spring.


I had spent the weeks prior gathering up some milk paint and wood panels.  That morning was a clear bright spring day; I was compelled to get out of bed, gather up my supplies and go to Jenkins Arboretum.  I walked the paths, greeting each young bud and bird song. Then found a spot tucked away in the bright young green screen of the trees.  I sat and listened and responded.  Calling on my "Intuitive Painting*" skills, not my "Artistic **" training and had my very first painting Conversation with Land.


A few hours later, Spring emerged, and I cried.


At that point, it had been three years since I left my big brushes, Japanese ink and my studio.  I knew I was in an incubation period, but on my bad days, I sometimes thought I would never create again.


But alas, riding the energy of the season, my creative self was reawakened, and Spring was created.



Today Spring sold. Today her beauty and energetic vibration will now fill someone else's home.


Thanks Spring, for opening up my heart...




*Intuitive Painting skills. Follow your gut and your heart. Don't erase. Feel respond—feel respond.

**Artistic training: Follow the learnt training of color harmony and compostion. Think about it and respond.