365:: Drawing a Day Why + How

On January 1st, 2017, I promised myself that I would complete a "drawing a day,” and do what makes me happiest — Create!

I discovered/found that this process gives me a chance to reflect on my day: the good and the not-so-fabulous. The vulnerable and the wonder-filled, plus everything in between.

I choose to post the drawings as part of my journey of self-discovery - to allow all parts of who I am to be seen.

Intuitive creation guidelines:
Intuitive creation is a process-oriented creative experience, here are the guidelines I follow each time I draw:

  • Don’t judge the juice and follow the energy. Artistic training beware.  This creative practice is about following wherever the drawing takes me.  I don’t worry about color harmony, composition, or that I am making the same marks over and over again. I do what feels good.
  • Don’t cover anything up even if I don’t like. Once something shows up on the paper I do not remove it, or consciously cover it up— I notice my reaction then I keep on drawing.
  • Use one piece of paper a day. No redoes or start overs.
  • Practice non-attachment. I understand that each mark can totally ruin the drawing, or make it shine. So be it.
  • When I get stuck, I rotate the painting and try to keep at bay my mind that is saying "well if you do that" "or this it will make it better". Better/perfect/sellable is not the goal. The goal is my commitment to being creative every day.
  • Am I done yet? When there is a sensation of stillness, peace and contentment that moves through my body, I know the drawing is complete.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me.