The Time Is Now {Working with the Solar Eclipse}

Many of you have read about the energetic opportunities for change that this solar eclipse is offering.The general consciousness, from astrologists to those who are connected to the earth rhythms of this planet to the Wise Ones, is that this is the time for transformation.

Today, because we humans are part of the Web of Life, we are called to align with the movement of the planets and the stars, to see our darkness and how it covers our light.

Today the new moon covers the sun – the Dark covers the Light. This is an opportunity for us to look into what is holding us back. Limiting beliefs, old behavioral patterns that no longer serve us, stories that keep us from being our bright selves.

Today is the day for you to name your limitations— what is holding you back from being the very best person you can be. Those limitations might be: fear, insecurity, shame, isolation, being seen, bigotry, hate, – whatever is holding us back from being fully, TOTALLY us.



Ritual for Naming and Releasing Whatever is in Your Way

I would like to share a simple yet powerful ceremony that you can do today to release what is in the way, so you can be your best self.

Time range: 10 minutes to 4 hours

All you need is paper, pencil and some time to reflect.

Take a moment to write all the limitations you know – that are part of your story – on a piece of paper. Once you have all the known stories written down, drop a little deeper into your unconscious, by simply asking your heart and your soul to share a little bit more

How? Ask the new moon to help you go a bit deeper into your delicious darkness, and write down any and all words that come up. These words represent the muck under the surface — the things you may or may not believe are part of your story. You may not like them, but write them down anyway. Don’t censor those words, rationalizing “Oh, that can’t be part of me” – because if they are bubbling up, they should be addressed. Let whatever is in your unconscious surface. Write all the words down. And if some words are too hard to write or the emotions are too difficult to identify, then let your pencil draw what you are feeling. (This can look like a doodle, but don’t worry – the doodle will hold the vibration of what you are trying to release.)

Writing these limitations on paper brings them up to the surface and into the light.
~Read them.
~Feel them.
Invite these stories, these stories that limit you, to transmute.  To look at, and acknowledge your darkness, then release it,  is an opportunity for self-growth. Let go of the old stories and invite yourself to shine a bit brighter.

Then take the paper and release it — burn it, bury it— let it go. Feel your body and mind letting go of all of those old stories. Feel yourself becoming free.

Take a moment to thank those old patterns for coming to surface and for being willing to be released.

And as the sun returns to its full brightness, allow the light from the sun to fill up all the spaces where those limitations took up residence. Now, fill up with light, with sun energy.

Feel yourself being bright with light. Just like the new moon moving away from the sun, and the sun shining fully, you too can shine brighter – lighter – clearer.

If you can perform this ritual during the active time of the solar eclipse, that would be best. But don’t worry if the timing isn’t exact, because as long as you hold the intention to release your limitations with the rhythm of the planets – it will happen!

So honor your natural self. Flow with what is happening in Nature, with the Web of Life, and let go. Be your best self.

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