Fullness:: Two Perspectives from the Synergy Sisters

FULLNESS :: Two Perspectives

Damini Celebre:
Most of us know the symbol that represents
YinYang. This Taoist symbol represents the
constant shifting of light to dark, of full to empty -
the ebb and flow of life. For example, when we get
too dense, we will naturally start to shift towards
lightness. When we get too full, we can burst or
choose to let go of stuff.

The word Fullness implies that there is a natural
ebb and flow between having what you need — not
too much, not too little — and getting to just the
right amount. Fullness reflects the ease of

We each define the balance of Fullness in a variety
of ways: Having good friends, a full pantry, all the
music you want, a new car, a house, lots of
wonderful stuff, lots of empty space, taking a walk,
having quiet time, and having a full heart.

How can you invite balanced Fullness in your life?

Exercise: 6 steps for feeling your heart’s Fullness
1. Breathe deeply: As you breathe in, allow your
body to relax and soften.
2. Remember a time in your life that was
glorious. Remember the moments that brought you
3. Allow your mouth to turn into an ever-soslight
smile as you remember that moment or those
moments of joy.
4. Notice how all parts of your body feel as you
allow that joyful feeling to fill you.
5. Breathe.
6. When you allow the Fullness of joy to fill your
Body-Mind-Heart, you raise your energy, vibration
and frequency, which allows you to be Shiny-er. In
turn, you will share this gift of Fullness and joy with
folks you meet on your way.

Exercise: Balancing the emptiness
Sometimes we accumulate things because we
are missing something vital in our life. The
gathering and addiction to get stuff (big or small)
is filling an emptiness inside us.

Finding out what triggers our feelings of
emptiness cannot be fixed in a short series of
steps or an action list. Here’s how I try to shift
my behavior when I find myself acting out the
symptoms of feeling empty.

Whenever I reach for a bag of chips, or find
myself Internet shopping, or just plain wanting
(another person - more stuff - a new home, etc.),
I have learned to take a moment, recognize that
I am touching an empty place inside me, and

Then I bring my attention to what is around me
right here and now that gives me pleasure: a
bird song, books on my coffee table, a card from
a friend, my feet on the Earth, or a memory that
brought me simple joy.

As I breathe, I allow that moment of joyful
pleasure to fill my heart, my body, and my mind. I
hold that feeling for as long as I can. I give a
silent Thank You to The-Powers-That-Be for
those gifts - and then I go on with my day.
Sometimes I put the chips down, and sometimes
I eat them. The point isn’t to stop the pattern
right away; its about recognizing how to balance
the emptiness with Fullness.

Anna Marie Noble:
Fullness can mean a variety of things. There’s
the sensation of fullness after Thanksgiving dinner.
There’s the Fullness that Damini describes, from her
Eastern healing traditions: “The word Fullness
implies that there is a natural ebb and flow between
having what you need — not too much, not too little
— and getting to just the right amount. Fullness
reflects the ease of receiving.”

When we are in pain, we often experience a
pessimistic viewpoint that’s similar to a feeling of
emptiness, that seems to be threaded into and
entangled within the very tapestry of our pain. The
old saying, “the glass is half empty” perfectly
captures this sense that we are lacking something -
the energy, or the knowledge, or the willpower - to
effectively resolve our pain.

Understanding what triggers our pain, and
learning steps to relieve our pain, can help us move
back to the sense of being more fully ourselves. So,
too, can the awareness that healing almost always
ebbs and flows in a pattern that looks like a few
steps forward, then one step back. It rarely looks
like a magic snap of our fingers and *Poof!* we are

Ultimately, as we begin our quest for pain relief,
we learn about ourselves - our resilience, our
coping skills, our character, our sense of humor. We
begin to feel more alive than before we began our
Healing Journey. In other words, we return to the
Fullness of our lives when we have travelled along
our personal Healing Journey, and have begun to
overcome our pain.

Living fully can shift your viewpoint on life and
may even shift the way you see that proverbial
glass: half-empty or half-full.
Today, invite yourself to begin taking the first small
steps to Conquer Your Pain! Ride the wave of
Fullness that happens when you start taking action
to transform your pain - and get back to being
more fully You.