Healing and Creativity

Welcome to Ramblings where I write about my adventures, conversations with Land, healing and creativity, painting the landscape of your soul, the web of life, and being creative. Join in the conversation by adding your comments and experiences.

Prayer Pods

Placing a Prayer Pod with Song at Green Cathedral, Camp Little Notch, Fort Anne, NY

When we gather as community, our intention becomes stronger. This pod contains 27 prayers for the Earth.

Gather your community, make some pods, add preyers- wishes- intentions— help heal the Earth



Walking Ceremony

Web of LIfe

Tears fill my eyes, as I follow this mothers display of grief. The loss of a child is a profoundly painful experience, both for the mother, her family, and her community.

This Mama Whale, Tahlequah, is morning, not only the loss of her child but the loss of hope for her community, as this community dwindle in size. Do you feel this too?

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul

“I fully believe in the joy and the transformational power that painting brings into your life." damini celebre


Painting is an expressive tool for self-discovery. With the simple act of playing with paint, you can express your inner dreams and hopes — and even any limitations or obstacles that might prevent from realizing your innermost desires.


Web of LIfe

These past six months have been emotionally hard. On Summer Solstice, (June 21) my energy totally shifted, I felt myself smiling, really smiling!

This morning I looked outside the window and saw this love note!

How has Nature shared love notes with you this week?

Prayer Pods

On Dec 21st, 2017, in a ceremony, I placed the 108 PrayerPods on the Land, in the Western Burbs of Philadelphia—Berwyn PA with the intention to send healing prayers to Momma Earth

This shine of healing to Mama Earth started in a dream. The dream was compelling enough for me to take the time to manifest the dream into my waking life.


Web of LIfe

This drawing on 10.10.2017, as part of my 2017, Drawing A Day project.

It's called Dreaming A New Future.

I don’t want to believe in a dystopian future. Let's imagine a world of peace  and compassion where all Beings are happy and thriving.
Feel free to download this drawing to enjoy and honor Mother Earth!


Feel free to download this drawing to enjoy and honor Mother Earth!

Equinox gathering London
Prayer Pods

On Wednesday morning I hosted an Equinox gathering in the magical Queen's Wood in Highgate, London. 

7 soulful women gathered to mark the equinox and to explore the themes of balance and particularly giving and receiving.  The woods have offered us so much through her welcome, witness and wisdom and as a way of offering our gratitude, we crafted some clay pods, containing prayers, which we then placed out in the woods.  I'd collected some bits from the woods that people used to decorate their pods too. 

pod london
Prayer Pods

Dear Damini

In a recent meeting of my lovely shamanic group our group leader told us of your prayer pod project (which she'd read about on Transmutation News).  We journeyed for prayers for the Earth and then enveloped the prayers in our own clay seed pod.  We each placed them in a place of nature and we're visiting them regularly.