Creative journeys that heal the Heart.

Are you interested in integrative healing and the creative arts? If so, then you have found your way home. Painting the Landscape of Your Soul workshops take you on a creative healing journey back to yourself. These workshops are a journey of empowerment. Reclaim your inner self using paint and paper as your foundation.  By incorporating your intuitive voice with the principles of energy medicine and shamanism, you will begin your journey toward integration and wholeness — reawakening yourself to yourself.

Know your heart. Love your life!


It’s simple, no experience is necessary. There is no technique, no right or wrong. It is about the discovers you make on the way, the process, not the outcome.


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Workshops are offered In-person or On-line




One who see with the heart is also called a shaman. The root of all indigenous cultures (yours and mine) is a deep connection to the world surrounding them.  We are a part of the Web of Life;  Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Bird, Rock; our ancestors, Descendants, and our helping and guardian spirits.


Starting November 2016
on line


This is a beginners class. The orginal Energy 101 curriculum, but with added time to go deeper, process and own the lessons.


March 2018


Therapeutic Touch, a subtle energy system and powerful healing therapy, was developed in the mid 20th century by two professional women who were also healers, Dolores Krieger PhD RN and Dora Kunz. It is founded on a synthesis of eastern and western thought and partially derived from the ancient tradition of “laying on of Hands”.



I welcome commissions! I love to work personally on commissions and offer two type of commissions:

         • A painting that represents the healing vibration of your Land 

         • A painting that represents the vibration of an event
A healing painting for Yourself or another you love.




Grey Whale removes old patterns of stuckness that keep you from flowing in all parts of your life by opening your heart so that you may see your way forward.



 noun \ˈhwāl, ˈwāl\
    : an often very large animal that lives in the ocean and that is a mammal rather than a fish
: something that is very big, important, good, etc.

Spring 2018


Three Tuesday evening sessions for $55


"Damini create's an online space that feels just like being in-person with her. She holds a powerful and sacred space so that the community can go inward, paint, laugh, and explore.  Love It!" CE.


May 2017



We live on an amazingly beautiful Planet, Gaia.


We are co-inhabitants on this Earth and part of the Web of Life: Earth, Nature, Rocks, Water, Air, Birds, Four-legged, Tree Wing-ones and Swimming Ones, (You + Me).

Pollution is jeopardizing all Beings, including the Earth itself.  Pollution is caused by environmental mishandling and emotional toxicity ( i.e., anger and rage). All toxicity affects the quality and health of all living beings.


September + December 2016


Three Wednesday sessions for $90


"Damini create's an online space that feels just like being in-person with her. She holds a powerful and sacred space so that the community can go inward, paint, laugh, and explore.  Love It!" CE.


Come and join a community of women that what to explore the many aspects of themselves.

in your own time


The energy of Summer supports your vison to florish, to share your passions with your community.  To help focus YOUR attention and intention, I have put together this Summer Vision Bundle for you.

Order your Summer Visioning Bundle by July 15th for only $50 and receive these three powerful downloadable classes:

Do you want to live you life on your terms?
Would you like to get clear on your dream and take steps to manifest your vision?
Vision It! teaches you the four steps to manifest the life you want to live. 
Learn to apply these four steps to anything you want to manifest: a new job, a sweetie, good health, world peace.

In Your Own Time


A while back, I was walking in the woods with a friend of mine; we started lamenting about how so few of our clients experience nature.

Sure, we all go outside for exercise or to-go-and-fro places, but to getout just to BE WITH Nature... Well, can I say it's not most people's second nature.

This series introduces you to four ways to Awaken Your Cretive Self. This class will to give you tools to bring back your creative life force; whether or not you can draw straight line, know how to mix colors or your just don’t think you have the time. It  doesn’t matter what lie your mind is telling you right now,  you are CREATIVE!

Four exercises are presented in downloadable PDF.

The Awaken Your Creative Self includes:

Are you overwhlemed? Learn how to stay centered.

Are current world events freaking you out? Learn a new way to stay grounded.

Are you feeling like you are taking on the World's panic? Learn a new way to defelect anger, rage and sadness.


New York City (Manhattan)

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul uses the intuitive, creative process to connect you back to yourself, your heart and Source energy — one brushstroke at a time.

Are you looking for a deeper connection to yourself? A deeper connection with nature?


Early registration ends August 1st, 2018

This year our Healing Retreat invites you to walk outside the yellow lines that confine you, break out of limiting patterns that hold you in old ways of being, think outside the box of who you are and what you do, unravel the mind/body energetics that keep you and your body trapped, touch your soul more deeply, transform your life.

February 2019
In-Person in Pennsylvania

"Damini offers a big canvas on many levels for exploration and discovery at the Painting the Landscape of the Soul retreat. Along with this offering, Damini stays present in a consistent way with all participants and supports each one with her intuitive skills as an energy reader of the painting and the process. This takes the form of her availability as a “consultant", sweet nudging, and asking simple (!) questions to enhance clarity.

This can be a deep dive.

The treasures found are the jewels for a creative healing journey. I have found the ripple effect of this workshop still active and shimmering after 6 months." — ML, PA