March 2018


Therapeutic Touch, a subtle energy system and powerful healing therapy, was developed in the mid 20th century by two professional women who were also healers, Dolores Krieger PhD RN and Dora Kunz. It is founded on a synthesis of eastern and western thought and partially derived from the ancient tradition of “laying on of Hands”.


Therapeutic Touch is both a profound technique used to facilitate healing for ourselves or others, and a way of life offering deep and continuing insights and practices for our individual journeys. It is based on the awareness that we are energetically connected to each other and to a greater whole, and that through this connection we can facilitate healing. This system allows us to continually deepen our own healing & skill whether a beginner or experienced practitioner of any healing work


Level One focuses on the theory and hands on practice of the work. Expand your sensitivity and awareness, explore new levels of presence, grounding, stillness, listening, focus, intention, energetic perception and intuitive knowing. We will begin to integrate energy skills into professional bodywork & counseling/psychotherapy systems as appropriate.



This seminar is open to all and can be practiced in any setting. It is highly recommended for those in any “touching” profession.




Place: Phila area, Dates: March 24 and 25, 2018, 10A-4P

Cost: $400 before March 1, 2018, then $440, Repeat $200



"Therapeutic Touch is very close to my heart- it is a simple and powerful healing modality, that anyone can learn and use in every aspect of your life" Damini Celebre


This seminar is hosted by BrushHeart and will be facilitated by Peggy Fuhs PhD, CNS CRNP, Director of theInstitute for Therapeutic Touch. She has been facilitating healing seminars and intensive trainings internationally for over 40 years.



TO REGISTER OR INQUIRE: Call Peggy at 610-527-3653 or email her at peggyfuhs (at)


March 24
March 25