Intuitive Painting as a Spiritual Practice On-Line

Spring 2018


Three Tuesday evening sessions for $55


"Damini create's an online space that feels just like being in-person with her. She holds a powerful and sacred space so that the community can go inward, paint, laugh, and explore.  Love It!" CE.


Are you looking for a way to know your heart? Would you like to know yourself in a new way? Do you want to connect more deeply with the creative source that brings the truth of you to light? Are you looking for a community that can support your creative and spiritual self? Join us!


Intuitive Painting as a Spiritual Practice will bring you closer to yourself and the Source one brushstroke at a time. You will explore your inner landscape through mediation, journey work, movement and, of course, painting! Travel through painting journeys that invite you to experience your connection with the pure light of your inner self and the love that went into your creation. Have an inner conversation with your soul through color, shape, and form. Bring to light those parts of you that have been tucked away for safe keeping until the time is right. Recognize your inner demons that block your path and learn how to demystify them. Most importantly, practice honoring and accepting yourself as you are. Come and experience the joy of knowing your heart and feeling alive!


Based on the creative concepts found in Painting the Landscape of your Soul: a journey of self-discovery. These online painting sessions are open to anyone— in fact beginners are encouraged to attend!



Come and join a community of women that what to explore the many aspects of themselves.

Make a commitment to yourself by signing up and committing to your healing creative process. Having a date and time on your calendar means you will more likely show up and paint instead of getting distracted by the myriad of things we can find to do  at home alone.

The benefits of an on-line program

  • No traveling needed- in the comfort of your home.
  • Be in community and the energy of the group.  We use a video conferencing technology that is pretty stellar and easy to use. All you need is high speed internet and a computer or phone.
  • Some art supplies >see  supply list PDF below


     General flow of online worship:

  • Gather in community
  • Open circle
  • Meditation or movement
  • Setting intention
  • Start painting
  • Throughout the session Damini will check in with you to help go deeper into your process
  • Gathering back to circle
  • What did you experience
  • Closing


Your painting experience is pretty close to being in a live workshop with Damini.


Three Tuesday evening sessions for $55  7pm-8:30pm (ET)*

Give yourself the gift of paint your heart out into the world!


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Cancellation Policy

April 17
April 24
May 1
7 pm-8:30pm
download PDF: 
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