The Healer’s Journey: initiations into the Shamanic Path




One who see with the heart is also called a shaman. The root of all indigenous cultures (yours and mine) is a deep connection to the world surrounding them.  We are a part of the Web of Life;  Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Bird, Rock; our ancestors,
Descendants, and our helping and guardian spirits.

Shamanism is a practice that can be found in the roots of all cultures. The name may be different, but the concepts are the same--- Be One with the Land, Your Ancestors and the Web of Life.  


Shamanic practices keep your personal power strong, because you claim your power, your voice, and consciously develop a deeper relationship with the Spirit That Lives In All Things. Instead of searching outside yourself for guidance and permission, Shamanism gives you a direct line of communication with your compassionate healing spirits, Nature, and Spirit.


We are excited to offer three trainings in Shamanism in 2017


* Return to YOUR journey- Introduction to Shamanism - July


* Medicine for the Earth - May


* Welcome YOUR Essence home: Soul Retrieval training - October and November


Instructor: Damini Celebre, BFA, M.Ac
Is a lover of the natural worlds, magical worlds, and inner realms; over the past twenty-five years, she has practiced Shamanism, Subtle Energy Healing, and Five Element Acupuncture.

Damini has been trained as an expressive art facilitator and is part of Sandra Ingerman’s alliance of Shamanic teachers. Author of the book entitled Painting the Landscape of the Soul: A Journey of Self Discovery. She skillfully weaves her three passions: Shamanism, creative arts and healing arts into a unique and powerful approach for awakening the creative self.


Assitant: Warren Frankenberger PhD, RN
Warren brings over 23 years of healthcare and spirituality to his shamanic practice.  Warren has used sacred drumming and practiced indigenous ceremony for over 20 years, including sweat lodge and vision quests. His first medicine, the drum will help guide us during the shamanic journey.