Fall Out Shelter for the Soul

Are you overwhlemed? Learn how to stay centered.

Are current world events freaking you out? Learn a new way to stay grounded.

Are you feeling like you are taking on the World's panic? Learn a new way to defelect anger, rage and sadness.


These tools are simple— yet powerful reminders to come back to yourself.
Get control of your destiny again.


Many of us are looking around and thinking, how did so many places in this World seem to be going to hell in a hand-basket?  In your heart, you know that all of this can be so different. Your vision is different- you want peace and harmony right, who wouldn't.  But instead, the level of fear and freakout is mounting- around you and perhaps inside you too.



Fall Out Shelter for the Soul :: a toolkit will help you manage the madness and Life!

The really good news is that you don’t need to look outside of yourself to learn new tools  because the tools that you need to stay balance, steady and hold a clear vision are already inside you!

Let these tools bring that trust in yourself back— Powerfully back,  so you know what was true in your heart and can make clear decisions and hold a clear vision.


This Tool Kit contains SIX powerful exercises that you can do anytime, plus bonus material from FOUR noteworthy Peeps! Simply download them onto your computer and access them any time you need.

  • Super Shield
  • Cord cutting for Demagogues
  • Points to soothe your Soul
  • Dreaming your Dream
  • Connect with Nature
  • Doodling for Sanity

I know these tools work, because I personally use them all the time. With a little intention and attention, you can have complete control of how to manage your energy.  Based in Subtle energy medicine, Oriental, medicine and Shamanism, these exercises are easy to learn.  And easy to incorporate into your everyday life.


For over twenty-five years, I have been sharing a variation of exercises with patients and students so that they can manage their energy. They are not woo woo, airy-fairy exercises, they are doorways back to your inner strength.


In this workshop I adapted the exercises to teach you—remind you--of ways to hold steady, find your inner strength, and vision how you imagine the world to be.

I invite you to take back your life.


Cost $32

What’s in the Tool Kit?

SIX powerful exercises that you can do anytime. 5 MP3's, 1 PDF,  plus bonus material from four noteworthy Peeps!



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This Spring reawaken your power to VISION for only $40!