I welcome commissions! I love to work personally on commissions and offer two type of commissions:

         • A painting that represents the healing vibration of your Land 

         • A painting that represents the vibration of an event
A healing painting for Yourself or another you love.


A Painting for your Land (or an event)


I will travel to the Land that you live on. Walk, sit, listen, and co-create a painting with the Spirits of the Land, which will bring forth a stronger more, balanced relationship between you and the Land you live on. The painting acts as an intermediary, a portal that honors and connects You to the Land you live on. Creating a painting portal unites, balances and raises the vibration in your unique relationship with the Land, impacting all parts of your life.
12 x 12 inches
$750. [I will travel within 100 miles of my location]
24 x 24 inches
$2000. [I will travel one day from my location and work one day]
If you live any where else and would like a painting. For 10,000 dollars I will travel to your land create a painting size unspecified*, and in addition I will create a ceremony to balance your family and land through the painting portal. (approximately 2-5 days on land) *will respectfully limit the size of the painting to collectors needs.
Blessing paintings: 
A painting for Yourself or another you love.


These paintings are healing works for a person or an animal. When I create these works I connect with the essence of the person using a photograph, and a simple questionnaire* as the starting point.  During a shamanic journey- I experience the essence of the person/animal, ask to experience the vibrational expression will bring the person into balance and keep them aligned with their true heart. Then do what I do best – I express that healing vibration with color and mark. A 10” x 10” is 500 dollars. * I will allow provide a simple questioner so that I may focus on your intention for the piece as well.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more about a commission.