Books to Awaken Your Creative Soul

Softbound Books

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul,BrushHeart Press, 2014 takes you on a healing journey using the creative process as the foundation for self discovery. A book that ignites your creative spark and heals your Soul!. Are you interested in integrative healing and the creative arts? If so then you have found your way home.  Forewords by Sandra Ingerman and Aviva Gold. (also available in a digital version)


Digital Books


Awaken your Creative Self, BrushHeart Press, 2016.

This is your time, your space to drop down, relax, and listen deeply to your soul’s truth. Setting up your creative space can be as simple as using your kitchen table, the back of your bedroom door, or a room that you can call your own. Four creative experiences to Awaken your Creative Self.


Creative Freedom, BrushHeart Press, 2016.

Don’t judge the juice and follow the energy, Trust, Ruin it early… ruin it often then ruin it some more, Distraction = Resistance, Intuitive Painting Guidelines to unleash your Creative Freedom.